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The Absolute Game

Dunfermline's victory over Hibs to reach the Scottish Cup Final certainly took long enough. It took nearly 3 hours of football for either side to score. Against the odds it was the Pars with a cheeky penalty. And now on to Celtic in the final...they have already won the league, we are propping up the bottom and are likeliest candidates for relegation. What could possibly go wrong?

However the victory was foreshadowed. It was inevitable once Dunfermline legend's The Skids announced their reunion. It is the Skids 'Into the Valley' which heralds the entry of the Pars at East End Park and I managed to get tickets for their first gig for 30 years at Dunfermline Glen Pavilion.

Richard Jobson talked about the reunion in Scotland on Sunday.

"A campaign started among fans to get the band to reform for the 30th anniversary this year, but initially Jobson was against the idea. Bassist Willie Simpson and drummer Mike Baillie tried to talk him round. "'Meet us,' they said. 'OK,' I said, 'where?' 'Outside Woolies in Dunfermline.' I was like: 'Come on guys, we're not teenagers anymore. How about a cafe?'"

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