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The Go-Betweens, Renfrew Ferry Glasgow

The Go-Betweens, originally uploaded by alister.

I've been a fan of the Go-Betweens for many years and finally managed to see them live when they reformed a few years ago. This was no Pixies style cashing in reunion, they have since written three albums that stand up musically against their older work. They don't always stand up nostalgically, but they can't do much about that.

This time around they were at the Renfrew Ferry in Glasgow to promote their new album Oceans Apart. They were supported by the very boring Songdog, who complained that the audience was talking while they were playing. That's because your so very dull old boy.

The audience was largely, but not exclusively, in the 30+ category with a sprinkling of celebs. Oh look, there's Pat Nevin, oh nearly spilled Stuart Murdoch's pint, there's that lassie from that band, you know, the thingmys.

Anyway it was all worth it for an hour of the Go-Betweens. An hour? Yes they played more than that, but before the encores started I had to dash for the last train. Curse you Scotrail for not putting on a midnight train, what century is this anyway?

Robert was sporting a very nice dogstooth check suit, which he complained was too big causing him to request the address of a tailor. Grant (who is a big chap by the way, looks like a sheep shearer close up) was more casually attired.

Robert Forster and Adele Pickvance

Personal faves were To Reach Me and Cattle and Cane whilst Grant did a nice job on the maracas during The Statue.

There is an in-store at Avalanche in Edinburgh today and a DJ set later in a Broughton Street bar, if you want to catch them.

Nice article in the Australian on their new album with a good overview of their history.

Another recent interview in the Scotsman


And here are the boys playing at Avalanche Records.

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