:: Thursday, May 05, 2005 ::

Polling Day

Well my polling station was reasonably busy this morning when I went to vote. Hoped to meet some of the other parties outside but there were none to be seen. Campaigning in my seat has been quite hard, Alastair Darling is clearly concerned about losing his seat. I don't think he will though. What we will see is a strong move to the lib-dems by disgruntled Labour voters. This will hit the smaller parties like the SSP and Greens who would get those votes in a more proportional system such as we have at the Scottish Parliament level. The Scotsman poll yesterday predicted that SSP and Greens votes would be up on the last Westminster elections, and they probably will be, but nothing to set the heather on fire. Nationally I would predict an increase for the lib-dems and a smaller increase for the tories, with a reduced majority Labour government. But then I thought Kerry would win, so what the hell do I know?

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