:: Thursday, February 12, 2004 ::

The Transatlanticist Session

Silver Pill | The Cribs | Death Cab for Cutie Edinburgh Venue 10.2.2004

Death Cab for Cutie

The Venue was mobbed for the Death Cab for Cutie gig. Just caught the end of Silver Pill, so all I can say is they were loud. The Cribs, from Leeds, were melodic, charismatic and pretty entertaining and I expect big things from them. The only low note was one song which was a straight Strokes rip-off. And they should keep their trousers on and refrain from displaying their nylon y-fronts.

Death Cab for Cutie live in Edinburgh

Death Cab for Cutie are terribly nice young men from Seattle. The sort any young indie femme could happily take home to mother. "Edinburgh's a really beautiful city", "I wished I lived in a castle" they wistfully opined, in much the same manner as every other band upon their first visit here. But we weren't there for the chat and they didn't disappoint musically. Some great versions of A Movie Script Ending, Sound of Settling and Transatlanticism.

Photos courtesy of Mr Z. My batteries packed in.

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