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Dinosaur Jr

Dinosaur Jr, originally uploaded by alister.

Dinosaur Jr. live at Edinburgh Liquid Rooms 28th August 2007.

Never got round to blogging this. I ran from the William Gibson talk at the book festival (no pics, I got grabbed by a steward when I snapped Denise Mina et al) to the gig. Gibson was interesting, zeitgeisty and every sentence a soundbite, whether his book is any good I don't know.

Dinosaur Jr were loud. Incredibly loud. Far too loud. I was deaf for two days and felt a little sick when the guitars fed back. I was also too hungover and tired from over-indulging at the Sounds to appreciate it.

A bit too much guitar-wank from J. Mascis too.

On another day I would have really enjoyed this gig.

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