:: Tuesday, August 26, 2003 ::

No Crowd Surfing

A round up of some of the 't on the fringe' collection of gigs masquerading as part of the festival. Manu Chao was part of this but the rest all took place in the Liquid Rooms, a sweaty dive with over-priced beer and over-anxious bouncers on Victoria Street.

The Ataris

Wednesday 20th August. Never heard the band before I went, turns out they are 'dawsons-creek punk'. Good musicians, but a short set and an audience largely made up of teenagers so green that they don't even know how to ask for an encore, bless 'em. I had to wear a special wristband to buy a beer as it was an under 18's gig. Sign of the devil, dude!

The Ataris


Saturday 23rd August. By contrast Grandaddy were superb. There was a brilliant atmosphere at this gig. The band were half cut and clearly enjoying themselves tremendously. They played a cracking set and had lots of great anecdotes about the festival they just played with Metallica. "We're ordinary people playing music to ordinary people", cool. Got a cool t-shirt too.

Grandaddy live in Edinburgh


Sunday 24th August. I was a bit wary of these much hyped pretty boys from New York. But their album is genuinely good, if wearing it's influences on it's sleeve. They played a good set, although they only have around an albums worth of material, so you would expect them to be pretty tight. And they weren't wankers, but actually seemed quite decent blokes. The only downer of the night was the security who, for the first time, were stopping people taking photos, "if you continue, I will have to ask you to leave" said a rather large bouncer, politely but firmly. No idea why, they didn't give a shit at any of the other gigs, a special request from Interpol?

Interpol live in Edinburgh

Interpol live in Edinburgh

More pics and video of Interpol and Grandaddy from my co-conspirators site

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