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Teenage Fanclub, Bilbao

Teenage Fanclub, Bilbao, originally uploaded by alister.

Teenage Fanclub headlined the gig on the Wintercase tour along with the Delays and the Go-Betweens as part of the Wintercase tour, Kafe Antzokia, Bilbao.

The most popular band on the tour, all the people we spoke to had travelled some distance to get there, from San Sebastian, and even from the Asturias (not to mention the hardcore few tourists from Scotland and England.)

In my experience, TFC never let you down. This was no exception. The songs they introduced as "new" are actually pretty familiar by now (well, I guess I have seen them three times this year). All great stuff and with so many solid gold classics in their repertoire you can't go wrong.

A few more people dancing and jumping around for this. And the friendly Basques passing us nice cold beers to keep us going. Muy gracias (sorry my basque isn't quite up to the job so you'll need to put up with castillano.)

More pics on flickr if you like.

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