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Nobody's Twisting Your Arm

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The Wedding Present/St. Judes Infirmary
Edinburgh Liquid Rooms
Wednesday 24th October 2007

It's twenty years since the Wedding Present released their debut album 'George Best'. It wasn't clever, it wasn't experimental. But it was fast and jangly and I liked it. Now they are touring again and playing the entire album as part of their set. The idea was to play the same towns as the original GB tour but a few extra dates have been added and they are only playing one of the original venues.

Well I don't think I attended the original tour, but I did go to the one before that.

Support came from St. Judes Infirmary, who I thought were excellent. Not twee, but the dark side of jangly. They are Fifers too some of them, albeit Kircaldy so that can't be bad.

St Judes Infirmary

The crowd swelled for the arrival of the weddoes and they were well up for it. I heard singer Dave Gedge on the radio last week talking about how he had to imagine himself back in the same mental place as he was twenty years ago. George Best is an album full of angst...unrequited love, jealousy, infidelity, all that stuff. I imagine the forty-something singer ("David, or Mr Gedge" as he told the hecklers yelling Gedgie) might prefer to be singing about DIY or pigeons now. But he screwed up his face and did the job. All with the help of a giant bunny.

Bunny Countdown

So we got a few new numbers, some classics like Kennedy and Flying Saucer and of course, George Best in its entirety. Top stuff.

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