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Che's and Onion

Che Guevara was of course both Argentinian and a rugby fan, editing a rugby magazine in his youth. So I didn't take Argentina's victory over Scotland in the rugby world cup too badly.

It is of course the anniversary of Che's death. The indigenous Bolivian peasants and workers carrying the image of Che whilst campaigning for Evo Morales are a bit more interesting to me, but here is some fluff from Style magazine.

"As Style File readers are no doubt aware, today is the anniversary of revolutionary/T-shirt icon Ernesto "Che" Guevara's death. To mark the occasion, the Brecht Forum is hosting an exhibit/panel discussion called "Viva Che! Behind & Beyond the Icon," with Tariq Ali, Chesa Boudin, Juan Gonzalez, and Greg Grandin. After the talk, everyone's going to repair to…Socialista. What are socialists doing at a celebrity watering hole that's been styled to look like a workingman's bar in 1940's Havana? Colin Robinson, who's on the board of directors at the Brecht Forum (which used to be called the New York Marxist School) and helped to organize tonight's talk, sees the meeting of the two as a form of "comradely solidarity." "I'd like to create a united front, to turn what's become an enclave of $8 million condos into the Left Bank of New York," he explained. "I think it was very sweet of them to have us, really." For more information, see www.brechtforum.org."


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If you visit Minneapolis, go to Victor's 1959 Restaraunt. That's the real thing.

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