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Eighties, we're living in the Eighties.

The Shiny Toy Guns, originally uploaded by alister.

The Sounds/Shiny Toy Guns
Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
Friday 16th February

For a change went to see two new bands although ironically both had major eighties influences in there somewhere. I should do it more often. Not only did the crowd look alarmingly arthritis-free they were also up for it. An enthusiastic crowd makes a nice change to the usual Edinburgh 'standing and staring' routine. The Sounds from Sweden not only had the crowd jumping but had some pretty nice tunes too with an electro-pop twist. The singer was clearly heavily influenced by Deborah Harry but I don't have a problem with that.

Shiny Toy Guns were a band of two halves really. I have heard them described as gothic electronica but that's not too accurate. The male singers U2esque vocals were not the highlight for me. I preferred the poppier stylings of the female vocalist. New Order were clearly a major influence but they seemed to be finding their own sound. Oh and the drummer deserves a mention for his bandage and KISS makeup.

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great just great. I am glad that you got out and saw these amazing acts. great job!!!!

love california


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