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SL not FN

Well I have been back to Second Life to join the protests against the fascist FN. Remember these are real fascists putting out propaganda to real people and about to contest a very real election in France. Unsurprisingly I was ejected and banned from their space but it was interesting to see the numbers turning out for the protest. The landmark was soon 'full' and reports are that the location has been the most popular in SL with up to 20, 000 visitors. That's about 19, 500 more than the last RL demo I was on.

The protest has got tons of coverage with the Telegraph joining the Guardian in picking it up and CNN about to run a story. Also about half the world's bloggers.

In other news the leading candidate in the French presidential elections, Segolene Royal has also been campaigning in SL.

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I don't knew that about Ségolène Royal...

To note too, the address of my new Blog (the continuation of the first one in fact).

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