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Punk Heritage

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I'm reading Simon Reynolds history of post-punk Rip It Up and Start Again at the moment. It looks at the impact of punk and bands like the Sex Pistols. Interestingly John Lydon talks about how musically conservative the Pistols really were despite the image...the 'last of the rock bands' rather than the first of something new. Nonetheless they were faced with absolute fury by the mainstream press with politicans, press and church all lining up to condemn them. Lydon said that he faced violence every time he left his house.

So I found this piece on the BBC Wales website interesting.

"Still a Caerphilly councillor, Mr Davies said that 30 years on he was "very sorry" for his part in attempting to ban the Pistols, adding it was "because the young mothers were against it and I just wanted to represent their point of view".

The events around the Pistols' visit to Caerphilly were immortalised in their film Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle in which Mr Davies can be seen in the forefront of the protests.

He said: "I was conducting the carols and when I look back now and see the couple of young people creeping in there I feel absolutely and thoroughly ashamed of myself.

"I've got some great regrets when I look back at it because who am I, a fuddy-duddy councillor, to tell young people what they should listen to, what they should enjoy and how they should conduct themselves and their lives?

"We should try and put a plaque there to the Sex Pistols to commemorate the event that took place in Caerphilly and I would be prepared to unveil it."

With the cinema since demolished, the 30th anniversary of the gig is being marked on Saturday evening with a punk festival in the town's rugby club."


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