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Your Parent's Hardcore

Eastpak Resistance Tour
Edinburgh Calton Studios, Thursday 25th November

Sick of it All, 7 Seconds, Slapshot, The Bones, Unearth, Walls of Jericho

Eastpak Resistance Tour

My main reason for attending this was the appearance of 7 Seconds, a great old school US hardcore band. I never thought I would get the chance to see them live, especially in Edinburgh so this was a real treat. The only other band on the bill I knew were Slapshot. Like 7 Seconds Slapshot are old school straight edgers. These Boston guys had a more militant reputation than the 'positive crew' style of 7 Seconds. But whatever, they are all even older than I am and deserve credit for keeping at it.

The other bands on the bill were less well known to me, though I have been trying to educate myself over the past few days. Walls of Jericho and Unearth seemed to have a more metal sound.

The sponsors for the tour are Eastpak, who manufacture school satchels, lovely. They avoid the corporate tag by calling their products things like Rebel, Protestor, Rioter and Reformist. Hey guys, here are some more ideas, what about sectarian, parliamentary cretin or ultra left? Is the reformist bag big enough for a fabian pamphlet whilst the rebel fits your paper sale needs with a collecting can pocket and just enough room for 20 copies of Workers Tool and a petition board. Eastpak are a division of the VF Corporation with a mixed record on factory conditions.

Walls of Jericho

Walls of Jericho

With a start time of 5 pm I missed the first band, the Bones. Walls of Jericho made it pretty clear that stage diving and aggressive pit behaviour were not just allowed but almost mandatory. "I want more people on this fucking stage" singer Candace trilled sweetly. WoJ and the next band Unearth seemed to appeal to the younger kids there (it was an all ages show). WoJ were aggressive and entertaining whilst Unearth veered more into Spinal Tap territory.



It was a different crowd in the pit for Slapshot. An old school crowd, yeah I was there. It was also a smaller crowd which was unfortunate for the stage divers who found themselves diving straight to the floor in some cases. One guy did this twice and was eventually led away concussed, though I saw him later and he seemed ok. They delivered straight up hardcore with plenty of self depracation about their age and bellies. Finishing off with the great "hang up your boots", well maybe not yet. "Next up 7 Seconds, a band even older than us" they announced.

7 seconds

7 Seconds

From the opening 'Sooner or Later' right through to the closing, err 99 Red Balloons, 7 Seconds fucking owned the Calton Studios. The ultimate singalong hardcore band, I wanted them to play three times as long as they did.
One song from their new cd is called 'your parents hardcore'. I hope the metal kids stuck around to listen.

Sick of it all

Sick of it All

Well they most likely did as the crowd swelled for headliners Sick of it All. This wasn't your grim faced political punk. More panto punk as the band choreographed the pit "I want a circle pit", "let's do a braveheart, Glasgow versus Edinburgh". All fun stuff and worth the bruises from the stage divers.

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got that sounds like a killer gig, 7 Seconds & Slapshot, I'd be in heaven, now if you added Uniform Choice, wow!

By Blogger Karl Bakla, at 8:19 am  

it WAS a killer gig, i play drums for slapshot and this gig was one of the good ones!
thanks for coming out and see ya next time?

By Blogger Ur Trommler, at 8:51 pm  

Slapshot never was a positive band... Though they are straight edge, but they do not follow a positive way of life, I believe that only are drug-free.
And they are recognized by his polemic lyrics near to the fascism.



By Blogger DannyBoy, at 3:58 pm  

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