:: Friday, November 12, 2004 ::

A Week in Politics

The news of Tommy Sheridan's resignation as convener of the Scottish Socialist Party has come as a surprise. I had a chat with Tommy recently about fatherhood and I think it is something that he is taking very seriously. Tommy's contribution to the left in Scotland has been immense, I probably can't say it better than Kevin. It can't be pleasant having your life made the subject of the media spotlight. But he'll still be around as a Glasgow MSP and a thorn in the side of the establishment. One thing is for sure, you haven't heard the last of Tommy Sheridan. It will be a challenge for the SSP as well, but I am convinced that we have secured a real voting base in Scotland. The Westminster elections are not our strongest ground simply because of the electoral system, but the Scottish parliamentary elections follow on. And significantly the introduction of a form of PR for council elections should see the election of many SSP councillors.

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I was very very impressed with the new convenor on Question Time last night; (though less impressed with Dimbleby's patronising and avuncular attitude towards her) she took on that New Labour apparatchik and wiped the floor with her over Iraq and a number of other issues. It's good that the public face of the SSP is no longer so emphatically male, and that issues of importance to all women, not just middle class professional women, are being put on the agenda.

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