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Keeping up the pressure

Bush gets in and the bombs start to rain down in Fallujah.

In this context the most important, although not easy, thing to do is keep up the pressure. So attend your demo to protest about Fallujah if you can (on tonight in most cities). And take heart from this report on Michael Moore.com. This is what the US movement needs to do.

Michael Moore.com : Mike's Message : Messages: "Witness the students at Boulder High School in Boulder, Colorado on Thursday, two days after the election. These kids can't even vote yet but that was not going to get in their way of expressing their outrage over what we adults had just done. The high school students took over the school by staging a sit-in and would not leave the building. They stayed there all Thursday night. They told the media that they were protesting the election results and putting Bush on notice that there was no way they were going to allow the draft to come back. It was the most uplifting moment of the week."

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There most definitely is a future which is brighter than we might sometimes think!

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