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A tale of two nations

Well looks like its bad news for the whole world. Particularly bad news for Iraqi's and whatever the next state to come in the neo-cons crosshairs is. And spare a thought for the USA, half of whom were praying for a Bush defeat.

The anti-war and progressive movement in the US will have to be ready to take to the streets in the months to come to help stem the tide of reaction. And in the long term to create a serious alternative to the establishment parties. A good starting point would be bringing the left together.

Iraq wasn't the only issue. Gay marriage was voted down in 11 states. A majority in one exit poll put 'moral issues' as their main concern.

See A Country Divided, by Bob Mould "Last night's outcome leads me to believe the majority of this nation is comprised of God-fearing Christians. We are represented by a leader who has divided the country, and has turned a deaf ear to the rest of the world. We are in a holy war, and our European predecessors are very concerned. We have been instilled with fear: fear of God, fear of the Muslim world, fear everywhere we turn. Fear and hate is in the air; can't you smell it? They call it faith.

I am truly saddened by the results of this election. As a country, we will pay for this. If you're a left-leaning, progressive, liberal type, you'd better be ready to fight for every inch of your rights. This is much more serious than any of us can imagine; there are many forest fires raging on the political landscape, and not nearly enough water or manpower to put them out. Supreme Court nominations, the Patriot Act, the Holy War, womens' right to choose, the imminent bankrupting of America. One party dominates the entire process, so there are no checks and balances. This is division."

See 'Don't Mourn, Organize' in the Daily Kos "It's tough on the psyche to be beaten.Throughout our country's history, abolitionists, suffragists, union organizers, anti-racists, antiwarriors, civil libertarians, feminists and gay rights activists have challenged the majority of Americans to take off their blinders. Each succeeded one way or another, but not overnight, and certainly not without serious setbacks.

After a decent interval of licking our wounds and pondering what might have been and where we went wrong, we need to spit out our despair and return - united - to battling those who have for the moment outmaneuvered us. Otherwise, we might just as well lie down in the street and let them flatten us with their schemes."

Blair has already been spinning that he hoped kerry would win. Lying b'stard. He senses a backlash and he may well be right.

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