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Throwing stones at the pillar of evil

Salaam Pax the Baghdad blogger goes to Washington and tries to avoid becoming the Guantanamo blogger. Extracts courtesy the Guardian.

I am handed a piece of paper to fill out. I am relieved it does not ask me to list my sins on this earth. Meanwhile, more non-whiteys are arriving and filling out forms. I feel a bit more relaxed among my fellow exiles from the ranks of normal people. We are special: we are all from Muslim countries...

And gets to watch the last US Presidential debate and the Redsox game that we are all supposed to be interested in (we're not, dear US friends, if you don't like the World Cup why should we like your silly rounders game? Even if Cuba is good at it).

And that is another thing that seemed to be incomprehensible to one of my new Washington friends: when we were talking about the popularity of the clerical militia chief Moqtada al-Sadr I was asked how anyone could be fooled by someone who so obviously used religion to boost his own popularity and went for the lowest common denominator for popular appeal? I was saved by another guest who asked if we were talking about Bush or Sadr here.

Salaam also underlines a point most of us are only too aware of. If Kerry wins, don't expect the troops to be coming home any time soon. In fact, don't expect the planned slaughter in Fallujah to be postponed or any other military changes in Iraq. Expect only a more consensual approach to dividing the spoils with Europe.

The real question will be whether or not the neo-con momentum can be stalled within the American establishment.

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