:: Saturday, October 16, 2004 ::

How to upset your boss

BBC NEWS | Politics | 'Sorry' Johnson sent to Liverpool

Floppy fringe overgrown public schoolboy Boris Johnson has, via the editorial columns of the Spectator, insulted the people of Liverpool. He said they were wallowing in the Ken Bigley hostage crisis and made remarks about Hillsborough. You don't make remarks about Hillsborough in Liverpool. The Sun has still not won back the readers it lost after it's disgraceful lies about Liverpool fans at the Hillsborough disaster. Unfortunately for Boris, his boss Michael Howard is a serious Liverpool fan...and now he's in trouble. He has to go there in person and say sorry. Well done Michael, now what about all the other things the Tory party needs to apologise to the people of Liverpool for, and Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Dundee...

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