:: Friday, October 15, 2004 ::

ESF Begins

For the first time I won't be at the European Social Forum this year, being held in the exotic location of London.

The liberal-imperialist blogging fraternity are dead set against the ESF, for the sole reason that the SWP support it. Actually the ESF is a massive event. Up to 60,000 attended it in Florence. London organisers expect a minimum of 20,000. There is a bewildering plethora of debates and discussions taking place and it has the backing of a wide section of the trade union movement. If you get a chance nip down there. Tommy Sheridan and Rosie Kane will both be addressing meetings and the Scottish Socialist Youth will no doubt be undertaking a sterling intervention into the workshops and bars.

Mind you be careful in the queue for registration. Check out this video at Indymedia UK (video/mpeg Object) I like the video bloke asking the poor Irish CWI'ers why they didn't steam into the met, what about you mate? Scared to damage your video camera?

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