:: Sunday, October 10, 2004 ::

Mair Pics

The Scottish Patient also has some coverage of yesterday's Calton Hill demo. Not as good as mine like, but the captions are wittier.


And there are more at the SSP Website here.

Ian Bell (another great Scottish journalist) had a terrific article in the Sunday Herald in which he praised the event and poured scorn on those bowing and scraping to the monarch.

"Republicanism is a thread that has run through Scottish political life for a very long time. It is more than just a puerile nationalism opposed to a puerile unionism. You could side with the novelist Iain Banks, a supporter of the declaration, who believes that attending anything involving the Windsors “just encourages the blighters”. You could also agree with Alasdair Gray, as I do, that anti-Englishness, the standard insult you hear when these matters come up, has nothing whatever to do with the desire to be free of “that union of military, financial and monarchic establishments calling itself Great Britain”."

He also reveals that he is a relative of James Connolly, the Edinburgh born socialist and hero of the Easter Rising.

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