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Do You Remember?


Holy shit, Bob Mould has a blog.

Who? Only the dude from Hüsker Dü. Well one of the dudes. The other being Grant Hart.

the dicks!I learned of all this from a new music blog Something I Learned Today (yeah that's a Hüskers track name). SILT also has some nice stuff from the likes of Eat, the Dicks (texas communist punks, fact fans) and Reagan Youth. Old Tyme Hardcore.

See also Kill From the Heart for an overview of the scene.

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Cheers! I almost forgot I have some Husker Du LPs. I've only ever heard Mudhoney's "Hate the Police", though.

By Blogger DJN, at 5:32 am  

The Dicks version is better, though. It can be found on the Alternative Tentacles comp The Virus That Would Not Die .

- Justine Case (who can't be arsed signing up to Blogger)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:46 pm  

How do you upload mp3s to blogs? I really would love to inflict my taste in music on an unsuspecting population.

By Blogger Darren, at 5:53 am  

You have to have some space somewhere else to store the mp3's. If you get to popular it could probably be quite expensive!

By Blogger Alister, at 3:59 pm  

It costs money? Bugger that!!

I don't suppose there are any links for how you can upload on the cheap - you know nada/zilch/zero/the big nothing/the number of Jeffrey Archer's brain cells - any suggestions appreciated

By Blogger Darren, at 9:24 pm  

you can get free webspace such as geocities, but it has very strict bandwidth limitations. So after a few people have visited and played or downloaded the tunes you will run out bandwidth and it wont work anymore. Commercial webspace can be cheap but will charge you if you go over a certain amount of bandwidth. This is only a problem if you become popular.
But you should still give it a shot!

By Blogger Alister, at 10:34 am  

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