:: Friday, October 01, 2004 ::

In a Lather

Commercial Closet is by all accounts an entertaining site featuring images of gay and lesbian people in advertising. I say by all accounts because I can't see it. It has been subject to a denial of service attack by a horrendous group of bigots called the American Family Association. They are currently involved in boycotting Proctor and Gamble products because of a supposed "homosexual agenda", the proof? According to the AFA:

Remember, this is the company that said they "will not tolerate discrimination [against homosexuals] in any form, against anyone, for any reason." To keep homosexuals from being legally married is discrimination [for good reason] that P&G says they will not tolerate.

Yes I know it is barely literate, like much of the rest of the site. These people issue forth bile and corrosive hatred. They should get back to the nineteenth century.

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