:: Thursday, September 30, 2004 ::

Let my People Go

Slight Return to the Edinburgh People's Festival in the Scotsman Diary. Seems there were a couple of happy punters in the captive audience.

NOT quite tally-ho, but cries of "Mr Fox, Mr Fox" outside Holyrood caught our attention. Turned out it was a couple of likely lads trying to catch the eye of Colin Fox, MSP, as they headed for the park with a bulging bag from Haddows. "Really enjoyed your time at Saughton a coupla weeks ago. Brilliant, man. Comedy night was superb. See ya." No, Colin had not been following in the footsteps of Tommy Sheridan. Rather "A Quiet Night In" at HMP Edinburgh featured comedians Mark Thomas and Bill Dewar, organised by the Red Fox as part of the week-long Edinburgh People’s Festival. Still, a rave review.

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