:: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 ::

Holy Misogyny Boy Wonder

holy security breach

Interesting that the fathers4justice types chose brooding psychotic loner Batman as their role model or were they going for the campy 60's model?

At least their antics have provoked some interesting comments.

Channel 4 News'" Jon Snow in his daily Snowmail comments "this would be a fantastic agit prop. Were it not for the atmosphere around the 'cause'. 'Fathers for Justice' is campaigning for fathers to have access to children in their mother's custody. But such is the aura of misogyny, and the utter obsessiveness you find yourself wondering whether ANY child should ever be exposed to their care".

Whilst Nick Barlow remarks "Apparently, the protestor - Jason Hatch - has said he's got enough supplies to remain on the balcony for days. Insert your own joke about how all men claim to be able to stay up for much longer than they're actually can."

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