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No surprises - it's the piscine duo for the SNP leadership

SNP Leadership Watch - The Result

Salmond named as new SNP leader And Nicola Sturgeon is the deputy. Which must come as a bit of a relief to Alex, as the deputy vote was always the most uncertain. However she won convincingly with 53.87% of the vote.

Salmond's victory was even more certain with over 75% of the vote to Roseanna's 14.58 and Mike Russell's 9.65. With over 80% of the membership turning out this is a good mandate for Salmond. Conversely it leaves Cunningham looking weak for any future leadership bids. She had a bad campaign and an unconvincing vote. Mike Russell at least boosted his profile and seemed to get his message across (an even more pro-business, right wing SNP is his aim.)

But now the troubles will really begin. Because the SNP have London rule. They are led by a Westminster MP (and by his own admission someone who is an 'anglophile' and I suspect a lover of the Westminster club atmosphere.)

The SNP would do well to provoke a by-election as soon as they can to get Salmond in the Scottish Parliament. Until they do they will be mercilessly taunted on this by their opponents.

The next question is what will Salmond do differently than in his less-than-successful previous ten year spell as leader?

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