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Hooray for Holyrood?

I had a quick visit to our new parliament the other day. Didn't bring my camera and was also instructed by security not to wander around. And the verdict? It's quite cool actually. Sort of IKEA meets the DDR, but in a good way. And I didn't even see the debating chamber which is supposed to be the highlight. Most of the staff are delighted. Some MSP's have complained (in the Daily Mail I believe) that it is too hot or something but as one member of staff commented to me "it's a lot better than the working environment at the average call centre". And most importantly you no longer have to listen to bad bagpipe busking on the royal mile all day.


MSP's have a nice office, with the infamous "think bubble" at the back. PA's and research staff are in the front. Rosie Kane MSP has swapped and taken her PA's desk. This has the added advantage of increased visibility to the hacks wandering the lobby in front (pictured above). SSP, Greens and independents were exiled to the ground floor whilst the 'big boys' took the upper floors with the nice view. However no one knows they are there. Everyone walks past the ground floor offices...so maybe a miscalculation there by Jack's boys.

Also they have set up a new system whereby the political elite (the MSP's) have a seperate canteen to their party workers and parliament staff. Unsurprisingly socialist MSP's are having none of it.

So it's not quite finished, and most of those inside will still be talking pish. But hopefully we have got something nice in exchange for our not insignificant £431 million.

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