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The Ex, live

The Ex | Deerhoof | Alleschwindel | Giant Tank
Edinburgh Studio 24, 9.12.03

Last night we had a visit from The Ex, the legendary Dutch band who formed in 1979 and emerged from the punk scene to take on a variety of styles and projects from documenting the Spanish Civil War to touring Ethiopia. They were playing as part of a night of left-field music from label/promoters MRW44.

Alleschwindell Click for larger image

Above: Alleschwindel, click for a larger image

Other bands included Giant Tank, imagine a 20 minute version of 3 blind mice played to a backing of white noise and you get the idea. Alleschwindel "Nacht Musik, macaronic verbiage and stand-up tragedy" gave us Brecht and Weill Embra style.

deerhoff deerhoff click for larger image

Above: Deerhoff, click on the thumbs to see a larger image.

Deerhoff, from California had a kind of bubblegum avant-garde sound which kept pushing us towards sweet melodies and then savagely wrenching us back.

The Ex, click for larger image

Above: The Ex, click for a larger image

Finally The Ex had to play a somewhat truncated set as time was running out. They used a double bass instead of a bass guitar, which complemented the staccato guitars and megaphone vocals. Unfortunately the sound system drowned the vocals out. But they played a great and highly original set which went down well and had the audience dancing.

The Ex, click for larger image

Above: The Ex, click for a larger image

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