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Election 2003: Fully Inclusive?

This report looks at how accessible election manifestos on the web were for disabled users. I designed the SSP site with accessibility in mind, and the fact that it validates as transitional XHTML is noted by the authors of the report as a significant aid to accessibility. The SSP site is not perfect but comes out top amongst Scottish political parties in this respect.

Election 2003: Fully Inclusive?

The picture is not, however, completely bleak. The Manifesto of the Scottish Socialist Party was relatively straightforward to access, even when using Home Page Reader and Lynx, and the SSP's web site was particularly commendable in that it validated to an accepted HTML standard: XHTML 1.0 Transitional. The simple layout and design of the SSP site helped to ensure improved access to the Manifesto. This greatly increases the chance that the site will be readable in the widest range of browsers and assistive technologies

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