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Escaping the geek ghetto?

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Escaping the geek ghetto? Harry 'Steel' Hatchet writes in the Grauniad: "in terms of the left it is interesting that two major blocs - Blairites and the anti-war movement - are barely represented in blogland. Paul Richards (www.thethinker.net/) of the Fabian Society is a proud Blairite blogger, but Stop the War Coalition activists are mostly limited to scurrying around in comment boxes. While the lack of New Labour bloggers isn't much of a shock - being pro-government has never been much of a motivating factor for activists of any kind - it is surely a surprise that a movement which has organised some of Britain's biggest demonstrations hasn't been engaged at a serious level in online debates involving hundreds of politically conscious people, especially when so much of the discussion has been about Iraq."

While there is some truth in the statement that the anti-war left are not blogging in great numbers there are a few of us out there. Have a quick look through the blogroll on this site and the likes of 4glengate, Ken McLeod's 'Early Days of A Better Nation' and myself.

There is more to the left than talking about the war. Bloggers seem fixated on the question of Iraq. It is important and I often comment on it, but it seems that British bloggers often follow a blogging agenda that is set by their US counterparts. I think some in blogville UK needs to find its own voice. There are a lot of issues to discuss. Here at perspective I have tried to take up questions of culture and the future of the left among others. 4glengate has tended to focus on the trade-unions. Ken McLeod has had interesting points to make about history and literature, Kevin Williamson about drugs issues.

However it is nice to see the Grauniad continuing to give coverage to the residents of the blogging barrio.

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