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The Spider Man of Alcatraz

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Prisoners 'injected spider venom'

Inmates in an Australian prison are said to have farmed deadly spiders to use their venom as a narcotic. Four redback spiders - whose bite could kill a child - were found in a jar at a prison in New South Wales. Inmates were said to have milked the spiders for venom and watered it down before injecting it to obtain a high.

There are some stories that you would dismiss as fanciful if you came across them in a work of fiction. But let's not jump to conclusions...

"But a prison spokesman, Brian Kelly, was sceptical about the veracity of the claim the venom was used as a narcotic, saying it had come from a single unreliable inmate. Mr Kelly said the spiders were more likely to have been kept as pets."

Makes a change from pigeons.

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