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Saved by the Bell?

The Herald: Roseanna’s out as SNP conference reshapes the party

A BITTERLY disappointing year for the SNP's Roseanna Cunningham was capped at the party's Inverness conference when she missed out on a place on the slimmed down national executive. It means the Perth MSP has gone from deputy leader weeks ago to being out of the shadow cabinet and off the national executive for the first time since 1990.

Yet another bad day for our erstwhile blogger Roseanna, but Alex Salmond certainly made his mark with the SNP conference. Boasting about increasing party membership (and, happy coincidence, the 10,000th SNP member was female, Asian and photogenic) he was clearly trying to project an image of a party that was back on track. Whether they are back on track will depend on what the voters think, but it is probably fair to say they are off the canvas before the ref counted them out. Salmond made a strong speech in which he went for Tony Blair in no uncertain terms, accusing him of lying and calling for his impeachment (which you apparently can do, in theory at least.) This type of tough talk is an attempt to win back some of the ground lost to the left, the SSP in particular, over the last few years. It was certainly a contrast with Mr personality-bypass Swinney, What was less clear was the kind of policy changes we could be seeing from the SNP. As Iain MacWhirter made clear in the Sunday Herald yesterday, "It seems to me that there is a long list of goals that the SNP share with Labour. They want to ban smoking, cut business rates, boost renewable energy, upgrade transport links and promote Gaelic. They agree on the need for an enterprise economy, comprehensive education which allows diversity and excellence and measures to boost the population."

Yes, when it comes to being all things to all people, Alex Salmond's your man.

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