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Losing our religion?

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Looking around the Vision of Britain site I found the info below on religious beliefs. It seems Scotland is the least religious part of Britain. Aberdeen is the least religious district in Britain. I am not at all sure why there should be this difference.

Given the low numbers actually attending church, it is perhaps surprising that so few claimed they had no religion. Should we conclude from the geographical pattern that the Scots were more godless, or just more honest? Given the small numbers in non-Christian religions, the pattern for 'no religion' was largely a mirror image of the pattern for Christians, with lower numbers in the north than the south of England and, perhaps surprisingly, lower numbers in the cities than in rural areas. For what it is worth, the district in Britain with the most non-believers was Aberdeen (42%), and the top seventeen were all in Scotland. The highest rates in England and Wales were Norwich (28%), Brighton and Hove, and Cambridge (both 27%); these are all university towns.

Vision of Britain assembles historical maps and census data. It is only partly working just now but worth a look.

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Interesting post - any chance of providing a link to the stats?

I'm only half surprised that Aberdeen is listed so highly, but I can't help feeling that the disproportionately high number of non-believers in that area owes more to their reluctnace to stick their hands in their pockets come collection time.

Just a thought.

By Blogger Darren, at 11:57 am  

Oops - sorry, didn't see the link in your post.

The joke still stands though ;-)

By Blogger Darren, at 12:04 pm  

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