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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all, hope you had a good hogmanay. We suffered from storm conditions here in Edinburgh so the big city centre celebrations (with the Pet Shop Boys playing) were cancelled. I had a very pleasant evening drinking and dancing round my living room to the likes of Kortatu, old ska, Pulp, Aztec Camera, the Small Faces and the Go-Betweens. Then watching Jools Holland with the excellent Amy Winehouse. It's been a weird year and I think 2007 could prove to be pretty interesting. The Scottish elections could see a majority for those favouring independence, with the SNP currently ahead in the polls as they have been for months. It could be a historic year. The British state won't allow its break up to be an easy affair, but the SNP don't seem to me to have the spirit to stand up to them. Only a mass movement on the streets can deliver the kind of democratic change being demanded.

Check out my mate Gerry's blog from Cuba.

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