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Tory Aimless

The Scottish Tories haven't had their troubles to seek. The ranks have been seething at the poor performance of Annabel Gouldie as leader. We have also seen the launch of yet another centre-right party trying to do a better job for business than the Tories. The Scottish Democrats follow in the footsteps of the Scottish Enterprise Party.

But there seems to be a small problem with their new logo.

Not only is it different to the national logo (is that a more Scottish green colour? I dunno.)

but it also looks like a green party logo. More than one person I know mistook it for a Green Party logo. Not much like the actual Green Party logo, but just what people would imagine a Green logo to look like. Could this prove a problem for them in the May elections when all the party logos are printed on the ballot paper? Well, probably not, but it may cost them a vote or two. I suppose it could cost the Greens some too though.

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