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Rankin Full Stop

I picked up a few tickets for the book festival and among them are tickets to see Denise Mina and Ian Rankin talking about their experiences writing comics and graphic novels. Both of them had a shot at writing DC's Hellblazer, although we are yet to see Rankin's. Rankin has also written about his early days as a punk in Fife, watching the Skids in Kirkcaldy.

So I was pleased to see the following endorsement of the Edinburgh People's Festival from Ian.

"The Edinburgh People’s Festival makes for a refreshing change. Its local,varied and goes to places the other festivals would never dream of going (though I can think of a few actors who should be in Saughton prison). Edinburgh isn’t just Princes Street and the castle and most Edinburghers don’t live in the very centre of the city. So I congratulate the Peoples Festival and hey, its an absolute bargain to boot!"

The EPF is gearing up for another year so check out the link above.

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I saw Denise Mina and Ian Rankin speak alongside Allan Guthrie earlier this year in New York as part of a panel discussion entitled 'Tartan Noir'. It was part of the Tartan Week cultural activities.

It was a really excellent night, as they are both entertaining speakers but the person who gave the best reading was Allan Guthrie who I had not previously heard of.

You're in for a treat. ;-)

By Blogger Darren, at 10:29 am  

nice one, looking forward to it.

By Blogger Alister, at 11:50 am  

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