:: Friday, June 29, 2007 ::

Fopping Hell

Took a turn past Fopp in Cockburn Street for my usual browse. Recently it has had more cheap books and DVD's than the CD's it started off selling. Strangely the shop was barred and padlocked.

Turns out all the branches have closed
, with the staff going unpaid, the latest victims of music sales going online, it would appear.

I have seen other stores in Edinburgh close with one turning into a warehouse for an Ebay store, another (Avalanche) shutting one branch and saying its online store did more trade.

I myself still buy about half of my music in CD, with the rest bought online. Teenagers, I am reliably informed, are mostly MP3 all the way.

The end of an era. I knew I should have bought that cheap Adam and the Ants CD last time I was in.


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