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Poised over the pause button*

Or "i know someone who knows someone who knows Allan Mcgee quite well"**


Indie MP3 is heaven for all you ageing indie-kids like me. Specialising in the golden age of C86 shambling jangly guitar bands it features an archive of all those hard to find, 7 inch vinyl only, tunes from the likes of the Close Lobsters, Wedding Present, Baby Lemonade etc. It will bring the memories flooding back. Yes I remember seeing Jesse Garon and the Desperados at the Bruce Hotel Dunfermline, when I was still at school. How I laugh at the memory of drunkenly annoying This Poison when they played at Dundee University. Not to mention being one of four people dancing at the first Wedding Present gig in Edinburgh. If only digital cameras were around then. The site does tend to bring out the 'High Fidelity' tendency, I must dust my early Creation Meat Whiplash, Primal Scream and Jesus and Mary Chain singles, in their cool plastic sleeves.

Also featuring a streaming radio station, forum, yahoo group and blog the site is run by a 36 year old beer enthusiast. Dodgy and illegal? Well as he says the site only contains stuff that is unavailable on CD and generally hard to get.

*Big Flame song, from a band named after 70's autonomist Marxist Scousers.
** The Pooh-Sticks

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