:: Monday, January 05, 2004 ::

Fresh for 2004 II

Left Outlook - The Front Page is another new blog, from ex-RCP/Living Marxism type Dave Amis. The site includes an archive of his writing mostly for RCP fronts of various types. However Dave makes clear All my ties with the Institute of Ideas (IoI), 'spiked' and Internet Freedom are now severed completely. I'm on my own and looking for a new political home. The problem is, my association with the above and their predecessors, the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) means I'm damaged goods as far as many people on the radical fringe are concerned! Does a long period of re-assessment and rehabilitation beckon before a political career (some evenings and weekends only) can be resumed? Don't worry Dave, I'm sure you'll find more outlets for your talent soon.

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