:: Thursday, December 18, 2003 ::

Grauniad Weblog Awards

I was a little surprised at some of the winners in the Guardian weblog awards. But I did like best specialist runner-up London Underground Tube Diary - Going Underground, which is a highly amusing look at a world familiar to most in Britain, even if we don't live in London. It does need to archive more regularly though, as loading several months worth of posts and pics takes ages.

In Best Design category, the bunker, with its excellent typography and use of colour (and css) is much better than winner The Smoker, which is nice but I've seen it before even if the judges haven't.

Best written winner is Belle du Jour which claims to be the blog of a prostitute - she does say "A bored journaliste could probably fake this blog but I'm not that clever".

Judges award winner LinkMachineGo used to be my homepage, thats how cool I am. Truly it does contain many great links such as Golden Age Uncensored

And no political blogs were among the winners. Yes we do need a separate category.

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