:: Friday, December 12, 2003 ::

Georgia on my mind

From the Indian Another World is Possible! blog an interesting summary of recent events in Georgia.

"Only so long as Shevardnadze was capable of manufacturing consent of the Georgian people, by hook or by crook, he was useful to Western political powers and other forces of foreign capital In recent years, when Shevardnadze was perceived as having completely isolated himself from the people of Georgia; and Georgia had become one of the ten most corrupt countries on the planet, Shevardnadze was no longer their ‘blue-eyed’ boy.  Shevardnadze was charged with surrounding himself almost exclusively with old Party "Yes Men" and marginalizing younger generations; as the US began looking for alternatives, and groomed a successor for Shevardnadze. Richard Miles, the American Ambassador to Georgia, stated quite recently that Shevardnadze was no longer the ideal person to hold the Georgian Presidency."

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