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An Historic Day

I shed no tears for the arrest of Saddam, a brutal dictator who slaughtered Iraqi socialists and trade unionists, and anyone else who opposed him. Let's hope he is brought to account for his crimes in a just and transparent manner. It won't end the problems of the region although it makes the problems of Tony Blair and George Bush less heavy for a while.

But it was an historic day for another reason as the official Dunfermline Athletic site reports:

Dunfermline Athletic 2 Glasgow Rangers 0

The 14th December 2003 will go down in history for sure. Jimmy Calderwood's team defeated Rangers at East End Park for the first time in 31 years and ,, oh yes, Saddam Hussein was captured. The great man, Calderwood that is, hinted in his Programme notes that this might be a day to remember and how right he was.

Dancing in the streets of the Auld Grey Toun didn't quite come up to Baghdad standards but there was great joy. Having taken an early lead it always looked like quite a prophecy. Rangers travelled to East End Park unbeaten away from home in this season’s SPL. The Pars made one change from the side that defeated Hearts last time out with Lee Bullen being preferred to David Grondin as they tried yet again to find the find the win that has been as elusive as the Iraqi leader...

..The pitch might get the blame but really it was nothing to do with the pitch. The Pars weather a storm of a second half in which the back four of Skerla, Wilson, Tod and Bullen were immense. First league victory over the Ibrox side since March 1970. Victory at last for Jimmy Calderwood, sweet and well deserved success for the Eastenders.

Greatest OG of all time.

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