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Politician tells truth shock

With the SNP surging in the polls surprise surprise the rabidly pro-Labour Sunday Mail has come out with a story of a 'sex scandal' involving an SNP MP. So how did he and his party react? Denials? Allegations of MI5 plots? Libel actions? No. He owned up and apologised. The story is already dead in the water. If only certain other politicians had the brains to do the same thing.

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Dear Alister,

I would like to direct your attention to A Miracle Festival in Edinburgh, April 27 - 29, 2007.

"Forgiveness Is the Key to Happiness"

We are celebrating our escape from this place of darkness and death to the light of Eternal Light.

Here is the link to the site with all necessary updates: http://www.acimi.com/edinburgh-miracle-festival.html

If you want to write about it, please do so. If you want to join us for this event, please do so. Everyone is welcome.

Alban Fenle

By Blogger Alban, at 2:26 am  

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