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Mayday for Scotland

All the details for Edinburgh Mayday 2007 are now available. Go check it out, promises to be a good one with Craig Murray and a bunch of other folks.

Edinburgh Mayday 2007

The event will take place just after the Scottish elections and it should be interesting to hear the chat and pick up the vibe. The polls are showing a trend towards the SNP. Labour's plan to concentrate on a 'scare campaign' about independence seems to have back-fired as it has made the SNP seem more credible...as though they could form a government. As things stand it still looks to me like the SNP will be the biggest party but may have problems forming a government. This really depends on how 'flexible' the lib-dems want to be. I hope and expect to see the SSP still in the parliament and we should pick up a couple of seats. In some areas the swing to the SNP will benefit the smaller parties as it could free up more list seats.

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