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Sunshine on Holyrood

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Independence First Demo, Edinburgh 31st March 2007

Yesterday's Independence First demo took place in fantastic sunshine. The turnout was decent but slightly down on the previous one I would say. Why should this be given the big upsurge in debate around this issue as the May Scottish elections approach? It seemed to me that there were fewer SNP banners this time. Either SNP branches have been told to back off or more likely they have been satisfied by SNP leader Salmond's promise to hold a referendum in the first term of an SNP administration. Furthermore many will be hitting the streets in the first week of full-on campaigning before the elections rather than come to Edinburgh.

Good entertainment and fewer boring speeches from politicians also helped although I left before Dick Gaughan came on unfortunately. And a nice story in the Sunday Mail today as one of the Proclaimers has left the SNP for the SSP and polls that see us maintaining a parliamentary presence.

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