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Something Stinks

Engineers stem huge sewage leak

Millions of tons of raw sewage have been emptied into the River Forth. The cause was an equipment failure at the Seafield Treatment Plant run by Thames Water through a PFI scheme.

This is a catastrophe for the area, for the environment, for health. It raises a number of questions. Did Thames Water not have a backup for this vital piece of equipment? Was the plant underfunded?

The head of Thames Water should resign immediately, the contract should be suspended and the work returned to the public sector with proper funding.

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This is very fitting,it couldn`t have come at a better time, it describes what New Labour are...

It is good for roses hence New Labours emblem of a red rose. No wonder it always looks well fed, being in New Labour it gets nothing but manure. The problem is New Labour think we the people are roses for that is all we ever get from them. New Labour have an Inexhaustible Supply of the stuff.

By Blogger George Dutton, at 12:14 pm  

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