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Post No Bills

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From a mysterious new blog which has the vague smell of Labour about it ToryScum. I also like their celebra-tories including Jonathan King, Charlie from Busted and Jim Davidson. And one does have to raise an eyebrow at Michael Howard's hints of Labour anti-semitism directed against him. Persecuting gypsies and asylum seekers is fine though is it Mike?

from grauniad flickr page

With Scotland's new constituency setup I find myself in a seat more marginal for Labour and so looming great black and yellow New Labour billboards abound. In fact two thirds of the advertising space in the constituency seems to be taken by them. No pictures of Tony Blair though, funny that? OK the one above is not from Noo Layba but from the grauniad flickr page (see below).

This election is going to be blogged into the ground by the looks of things. Or at least there will be some 'blogs' from the major media outlets such as:

8 blogs from Channel 4 News!

A dedicated election blog from the Grauniad

And egad! they have a flickr page too, catching on a bit quicker this time.

And we have seen a few new election blogs such as eh, the 2005 UK General Election blog, via Nick.

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