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School Meals in England - a Result

BBC NEWS | Education | Jamie gets healthier school meals A good result for Jamie Oliver in his campaign for better school meals. But he is quite right to question the motives of the politicians "Unfortunately, it has taken a documentary and really the hearts and emotions of the kids and families we filmed to touch the nation". I followed the debate on free school meals in Scotland quite closely. Time after time the politicians would say that kids don't want to eat healthy food so there was no point giving them any. In other words they weren't prepared to try or to put decent resources into it. Parents organisations and campaigners have been working on this for years and years to no avail. But when it is election time and a high profile documentary comes along, suddenly they are interested. Childrens' health and wellbeing should be the priority at all times in our policy process not just when it is in the headlines at election time.

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