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Interesting Result

This was the result in the (former) Labour stronghold of Woodburn, Dalkeith last night. When it was texted through to my comrades in the pub they thought it was a mistake.

Lib Dem 742 52.6 +30.4
Labour 418 29.6 -18.6
SNP 179 12.7 -4.9
SSP 48 3.4 -5.3
Conservative 24 1.7 -1.6

Not a great result for the SSP or SNP or indeed the tories. But a disaster for the Labour Party, an 18.6% drop and a huge 30.4% swing to the Lib Dems. Another result in West Dumbartonshire saw labour keep the seat but lose 11.1% of their vote.

And this the day after the "give away" budget. Whether the voters will still want to punish New Labour in the general election remains to be seen, but a few MP's must be feeling a little uncomfortable.

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The swing from Lab to Lib Dem was actually 24.5%, not the figure you quoted.

For further analysis see my article:

Scottish Labour Vote is Collapsing


Extract: "We have waited a long time for this, but at last we can see rock-solid evidence that Labour are in for a shock at the Westminster General Election due on the 5th of May. Two local council by-elections were held yesterday. One in West Dunbartonshire and one in Midlothian. In both the turnout was 42% - very high for council by-elections - so things are clearly... "

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