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Feed me better

Feed me better is the website of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's campaign to improve school meals in Britain. Jamie has earned himself lots of respect for spearheading this campaign. His programme demonstrates that kids can be provided with healthy meals, and eat them too. School meals is a subject close to the heart of the SSP who pioneered the campaign for free, nutritious school meals in Scotland. It forced the Scottish Executive to establish minimum nutrition levels for meals but that does not go far enough. They refused to provide universal free meals, a proven method of improving health, getting kids away from Greggs (greasy Scottish baker) and the chippy and getting rid of the stigma that the lowest income kids face. New Labour talks about targetting benefits, despite the fact that universal benefits always have a higher uptake amongst those who need them most. Universality was the founding principle of our welfare state. We have universal health care and education (just about) so why not free, healthy school meals for all?

So take a stand against Turkey Twizzlers, support the SSP campaign for Free School Meals and sign Jamie Oliver's petition online now!

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As Angus Council have just raised the price of school dinners again, yes we DO need to support this campaign.

By Blogger Beverley Jean Smith, at 9:08 pm  

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