:: Wednesday, March 02, 2005 ::

tropic of cancer

Another new political party has been formed in Scotland to join the crowded political scene. This time it is the Publicans Party and they are campaigning against the Scottish Executive's proposed ban on smoking in pubs and other public places.

"The party is the brainchild of Inverness publicans Kit Fraser and Don Lawson, who say smokers in pubs are entitled to the same rights as non-smokers" the BBC report.

Mr Fraser said: "We are campaigning for a repeal on part of the smoking ban where it applies in pubs and for it to be a requirement for publicans to install ventilation systems in their pubs.

"We do not discriminate against smokers or non-smokers."

No, both can get cancer together. Except like, the smokers choose it and the non-smokers don't. And I don't remember the health warning sticker on fags "can cause cancer, unless you sit near a ventilation system."

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